LaSalle College Vancouver Partners with "Sing China" for International Music Auditions

LaSalle College Vancouver Partners with "Sing China" for International Music Auditions

June 21, 2023

We want to say a big thank you to "Sing China" for letting us host and MC your Canadian auditions this season. It was a pleasure working with the Global Media franchise and supporting their Canadian auditions by providing sound equipment, acting as master of ceremonies, as well as recording audio and filming the event!

Sing China, known for spotlighting emerging artists, trusted LaSalle College Vancouver, celebrated as one of the best media schools in British Columbia, to deliver the high-level production values required for their auditions. "We are honored that Sing China regarded our reputation for excellence and considered us first for this exciting collaboration”.

Contestants from around the pacific northwest showcased their talents in the first round of auditions, wowing judges with their talent. Following the auditions, the artists were given a private tour of the college, which was coupled with a coaching session in anticipation of their subsequent auditions.

Several of the artists present for this collaboration will proceed to compete on an international level, demonstrating once more how LaSalle College Vancouver is a launchpad for global talent. It's worth noting that this is the same institution where Wanting Qu, the internationally acclaimed singer-songwriter, launched her first album, setting off her journey to stardom.

"LaSalle College Vancouver's commitment extends beyond equipping students with necessary skills," said the representative. "Our focus lies in positioning our students to become industry leaders and to compete on an international stage. This partnership with Sing China reaffirms that mission."

As LaSalle College Vancouver continues to foster creative talents and nurture the leaders of tomorrow, the institution looks forward to a fruitful future with Sing China and the global opportunities this partnership will bring. Check out the audition montage here.

Learn more about LaSalle College Vancouvers career launching music and recording arts diploma by checking out our program page!

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