Embrace the Future of Animation with LaSalle College Vancouver!

Embrace the Future of Animation with LaSalle College Vancouver!

November 22, 2023

At LCV, we're thrilled to celebrate the incredible achievements of our alumni, including the phenomenal Nicki Bianchini, an Animation Lead shaping the world of animated movies. Their remarkable work spans iconic movies like Megamind, Transformers Earthspark, and series such as Dragon Prince and Supernatural Academy.

For students aspiring to make their mark in animation, connecting with industry trailblazers like Nicki is a game-changer. Their insights, experiences, and commitment to inclusive storytelling offer an invaluable resource for those aiming to shape the future of animated entertainment.

A special thanks to Nicki for being a guest speaker in Valerie Romain's class. Your insights and dedication to nurturing future talent are invaluable. You're always welcome at LCV, shaping the minds of our aspiring animators.

Fun fact! Nicki Bianchini contributed significantly to the success of the Netflix series, The Dragon Prince, which won the prestigious 2020 Daytime Emmy® Award for Outstanding Children's Animated Series. This award, issued by the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (NATAS), recognizes the excellence of The Dragon Prince and its impactful storytelling.

Notably associated with Bardel Entertainment, Nicki’s contributions as a CG animator from layout through animation in seasons 1-3 were instrumental. Their roles as an animator, acting lead, and crowd's sim in S3E9 showcase their diverse skill set and profound impact on this acclaimed series.

Join us in celebrating the vibrant world of animation and the opportunities it holds at LaSalle College Vancouver!

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