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LCV to facilitate transfer of students from The Art Institute of Seattle’s imminent closure

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March 14, 2019

After the official announcement that the Art Institute of Seattle will close its doors, LaSalle College Vancouver has taken immediate action to give the 650 students an option to continue their studies in their neighboring city, Vancouver which sits 3 hours north, without losing a term or delaying their career.

In a difficult situation presented to their body of students -many of them half-way through their studies- LaSalle College Vancouver (LCV for short) sits in a privileged position to offer them an immediate solution and is already preparing specific benefits to offer any AI undergraduate that wishes to continue their studies with them. LCV acquired Seattle’s sister college back in 2017 (previously, The Art Institute of Vancouver), making both school’s programs mirror each other. This means students will be able to continue with the programs and skills development they’ve initially committed to, making the transferability of credits easier than with other schools.

Other external factor can help undergraduates finish their career in Vancouver is the longstanding favorable exchange rate of the US Dollar VS the Canadian Dollar (currently at 1 USD to 1.34 CAD) that will ultimately benefit general education costs of getting a degree, certificate or diploma.

If you’re currently in this situation and wish to find out more of your possibilities with LCV, please fill out a form in our contact page, or call us toll free at: +1 877 847-7902.

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