Spotlight on Alumni

LCV Fashion Graduates Showcase their Designs at Little Black Dress Gala

October 20, 2017

On October 20th, two of LaSalle College Vancouver’s Fashion Design recent graduates showcased their designs at the Little Black Dress Gala Vancouver. The students have put a lot of time and dedication into their collections and their hard work showed at the runway.


The Little Black Dress Gala is an elegant intersection of the arts, education, fashion, and support for the underprivileged youth that have the potential to shape our beautiful city. The evening celebrated the city of Vancouver’s multiculturalism, performing arts, fashion, jazz music and the positive change that is happening in the lives of youth.

Youth and women are the primary focus of the Little Black Dress Gala, with proceeds going to support Help Change My City Alliance (HCMC Alliance). HCMC Alliance provides mentorship to troubled and underprivileged youth in the Vancouver community, helps them find employment, and gives post-secondary bursaries to those youth who have overcome challenging circumstances and want to go on to higher education. The Gala also gifts tickets and little black dresses to several women in need from local shelters and/or women’s centres, to encourage them, to show them that they are deeply appreciated and supported by the community in Metro Vancouver.


Yiling Cao started learning about fine arts when she was 13 years old in China. She believes that fashion is an art in other form and that clothes can change our view of the world as well as the world’s view of us. She likes using all different kinds of material to create art, and sees fabric as a canvas – and thread, beads and pearl as paint. Because of her passion for art and detail we are able to see lots of embroidery in her design. She strongly believe that fashion is not what she creates, but rather what she creates is art, as ‘fashion can be short-lived, whereas art persists in time,’ Yiling mentions. Yiling recently graduated from LaSalle College Vancouver’s fashion design diploma program and moved on to pursue her dream of starting her own brand - ∅ yiling.   

Garth Asham has come from Saskatchewan to study at LaSalle College Vancouver and recently graduated with a fashion design diploma in the summer 2017 quarter. For his inspiration on his collection showcased at the Little Black Dress Gala, he decided to find inspiration from his Aboriginal background, and bring them to life using classic black gowns as his canvas. Garth also graduated with a Best in Show Award presented on his last term during LCV’s Portfolio Show.

Congratulations designers!