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Class Project: Modern Legends Trailer Video

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December 8, 2017

Back at the beginning of 2017, a local artist from British Columbia – Corey Moraes – approached Lasalle College Vancouver (LCV) with his ideas and vision related to the characters he had illustrated, and asked for LCV to create a short story with them.

Animation, 3D Modeling & VFX students of the Pre-production & Production classes took on this project and came up with the idea to create a short trailer that would be influenced by Corey’s vision and ideas of his drafted characters. The pre-production students started drafting up ideas and concepts for the characters and storyline, put in their creative and artistic voice into Moraes’ characters, which then developed and came together into the final ‘Modern Legends’ trailer.

Ran Sieradzki, Lead Faculty of animation at Lasalle College in Vancouver who led the class, talks about the project and mentions: “a local BC artist named Corey Moraes approached us with his ideas and vision about super heroes that relate to his First Nations heritage. Influenced by Corey’s vision and ideas, the students came up with a trailer-like idea for a movie that talks about animal super heroes combining together to fight the industries that pollute the world.” The three characters featured in the Modern Legends trailer represent water, earth, and air.

The students were in charge of the entire project from re-design, models, rigs, animation, rendering, editing and music. This was a 2-term project that the students finished during the Summer 2017 quarter. They began during the Pre-Production class with most of the storytelling, character creation, and set-building, and then moved on to finishing and editing the animation during next quarter’s Production class. After six months of constant hard work, dedication and a lot of team work, the students finished the project and presented the final Modern Legends trailer to Corey Moraes and the public. This amazing short trailer created by the talented students at LaSalle College Vancouver was also featured on StashMedia this fall.


“You learn a lot while you are doing a project like this one. There is a lot of troubleshooting that needs to be done that otherwise would not come up in other school projects. You learn to budget time, learn to work in teams and to learn to work with other people’s strengths and weaknesses and how to talk and fix problems within a team” – explained Marisol Ramirez, team supervisor and project director of Modern Legends. Marisol graduated from LaSalle College Vancouver’s Animation degree program after completing this course, in the Summer 2017 quarter.

To watch the Modern Legends 2017 trailer, CLICK HERE.

Behind the Scenes: Meet the Production Team

Meet the production team of students who worked on the short trailer project of Modern Legends 2017:

  • Concept: Corey Moraes
  • Production: Lasalle College Vancouver
  • Instructor: Sieradzki, Ran
  • Team supervisor / Director: Ramirez, Marisol
  • Aboriginal Consultant: Mcneil-Bobb, Zackery
  • Story: Ramirez, Marisol | Pullen, Amy | Romero, Arturo
  • Ghannt Chart: Moroso, William
  • Modeling: Laughlin, Andria | Ochs, Emma | Liang, Joshua | Jeon, Ho-Sung
  • Rigging: Bounds, Joshua
  • Set building: West, Samuel | Liang, Joshua | Jeon, Ho-Sung | Manchharam, Sahil | Kaelter, Brent | Eang, Jessica
  • 2D : Stevens, Breanna
  • Animation: Pogoy, Bevelin Joey | Pullen, Amy | Romero, Arturo | Manchharam, Sahil Lighting
  • Rendering : Doubille, Taryn
  • Editor: Wong, Kevin
  • Compositing: Ramirez, Marisol
  • Music: Windrim, Liah Melody

    Congratulations team for doing such an incredible job!

    Class Project: Modern Legends 2017 | Pre-Production & Production Animation class Spring/Summer 2017.
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