Meet Seng Sengsavanh, Interior Design instructor at LaSalle College Vancouver
Meet Seng Sengsavanh

Meet Seng Sengsavanh, Interior Design instructor at LaSalle College Vancouver

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July 25, 2022

Seng has been teaching at the college since 2005 before becoming a full-time instructor in 2020. With his time at LCV, Seng brings over 10 years of industry experience, including his time as a Senior Designer and Studio Lead at Livdesign Studio. Since then, he has been helping LCV Interior Design students prepare for the LIV Design Student Challenge, which challenges students to design future workspaces, with this year’s challenge calling forth students to create and share their vision for the workplaces of tomorrow.


When he was asked about the design of future office workspace, he said hybrid work is here to stay:


"… It will continue to evolve as we proactively adapt to the new normal of life and work. There are many pros and cons to either working 100% at the office or 100% from home. The hybrid approach offers the best of both worlds for employees and employers. Workspaces are becoming more flexible. They are being adapted to improve physical distancing while still allowing employees to connect, collaborate and innovate. Meeting rooms and meeting spaces are getting smaller but growing in numbers, and technology will continue to be play a massive role in connecting workers, whether they are at home, in the office, or in a café halfway around the world.”


In terms of the competition, he mentioned that LCV students are always encouraged to enter design competitions. The LIV Design challenges are fantastic opportunities because students have the chance to have their work reviewed by an award-winning design studio, as well as the chance to secure an internship, receive publicity, and win a generous cash prize.


In the challenge, students were asked to envision a 150 sq. ft. collaborative workspace for an ever-evolving future of hybrid work in the Interior Design industry. This collaborative workspace must be functional for in-person meetings, virtual meetings & a hybrid of both. This space must also serve a separate, unique purpose outside of a designated meeting area.


The top 4 winners will be announced on July 26th and will be given the opportunity to showcase their designs in AR (Augmented Reality) at IDS Vancouver 2022, taking place September 22-25. During this time, event participants will be able to vote for their favorite design, with a grand prize winner announced on September 25th.


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