Student Social Media Ambassadors

July 27, 2018

LaSalle College Vancouver (LCV) launched a Social Media Ambassador program where we handpicked current students to represent us on our social media outlets. Their activities will include attending and promoting events via social media, documenting events and student life on campus through blogging, vlogging, and promoting student portfolios. 

Our Social Media Ambassadors (SMA's) are currently enrolled in LCV and are all set to showcase their innovative ideas to their peers and prospective classmates. 

Introducing our SMAs’: Shaghayegh is a Fashion Design student who also runs her own clothing brand, Sammie and Sukhman are in their 3rd quarter of our Fashion Marketing program. Kinjal is also a 3rd quarter Photography student. If you see any of them on campus, feel free to introduce yourself, ask questions, or just say ‘hi!’

We hope you are as excited as we are to see what our SMAs’ will showcase to our social media followers! Follow us @lasallevancouver on Instagram and Lasalle College Vancouver on Facebook to stay updated! 

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