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Graphic Design student recognized by CMYK Top Creatives

July 5, 2019

LaSalle College Vancouver (LCV) is thrilled to see Graphic Design recent graduate Yufan Tian receive CMYK Magazine's Top Creatives award of merit in the Graphic Design Spring 2019 competition.

Yufan Tian graduated from LCV's Bachelor of Graphic Design  in Spring 2019, and during his last quarter he was recognized by CMYK Magazine for his project on beverage packaging, branding and illustrations - titled 'Makuuchi'

CMYK Top New Creatives is a portfolio competition open to all Canada, U.S., and international students and graduates in illustration, photography, graphic design, interactive design, art direction, and copywriting. A total of 130 portfolios were submitted in the competition.

Project: Makuuchi, by Yufan Tian


Makuuchi was designed to represent a high-end Japanese sake brand which required a new brand identity and package design to attract young people in the North American market. Sake is a traditional Japanese liquor, and Makuuchi is the top level of the six divisions of professional sumo wrestling.

The design needed to address Japanese culture while attracting young North Americans. The design concept is based on a sumo player crushing the fruit to extract the real flavor for each sake. The collection includes three different flavors which come in a gift set. Bright colors and comical illustrations where used throughout the packaging and branding.


CMYK Magazine was born in San Francisco in the mid 1990s and in 1996 launched its first "Top 100 New Creatives Showcase". By 2013, after publishing 55 talent-rich collections of the largest, most scholastically diverse student designs, CMYK stepped away from printing and stepped into the future. Today, CMYK officially transitioned from DPI to PPI.

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