Game Design students create an incredibly exhilarating virtual reality experience for Liminal VR
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Students design 'Awe' Virtual Reality Experience for Liminal VR

September 21, 2020

Life in quarantine has posed a boost in virtual reality (VR) interest with billions of people around the world stuck at home and seeking an escape. For the students at LaSalle College Vancouver's Game Design & VFX School, this means yet more opportunities and areas to explore in their creative futures in game design.

And fortunately, our students are being prepared for the challenge during their studies at LCV. A group of four students from LaSalle College Vancouver's Game Art & Design diploma program - Aaron Leef-Kaytor, Maxwell Pfeiffer, Patrick Carminati Perrier, and Rahil Shafique - delivered an incredibly exhilarating virtual reality experience designed in collaboration with Liminal VR. Their project 'Aeon', where users can explore the true cosmic nature of the Amazon rainforest, has been published this August on the company's platform and is now available to the public.

Students in the Critical Game Design class got to choose the type of experience they wanted to develop for, and then began the scoping of their team project in collaboration with Liminal VR. The designers had to digest the cognitive & behavioral trends provided by the research team, a key step when designing for Virtual Reality, so they could understand the basics of what they needed to achieve to induce that specific emotional cognitive state.

When talking about the importance of project scoping in the industry, Damian Moratti, CEO of Liminal VR, said one of the reasons this project stood out to them aside from its high-quality, was that the students "captured the core of their vision and then kept tweaking."

When the students were asked about the main takeaways from the project, Aaron Leef-Kaytor stated, "At times in development it can be very easy to get pulled apart, because everybody is in high-stress and we all have conflicting ideas. But we came out the other side with what we all are super happy with, which is this really awesome experience, and we all came out both stronger developers and better friends."

LaSalle College Vancouver's partnership with Liminal VR started in 2018, and since then our students in the Critical Game Design class continue to work in collaboration with the Australian team every six months. This unique experience adds a lot of value to our students as they get to work with a real client and see their projects come to life, while getting a taste of the exciting Virtual Reality world of endless possibilities.

About Liminal VR:

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Liminal VR is a multi-award winning digital studio delivering emotionally moving augmented, mixed and virtual reality experiences. Liminal has a world class creative and development team and dedicated research team of neuroscientists and psychologists, allowing the company to push the boundaries of what’s possible with immersive technologies. At the center of the organization is their Liminal Platform; a collaboration between Liminal VR and their partners, which include some of the best game design schools, universities and developers around the globe. Currently the platform offers 4 categories of experiences to offer the public – Calm, Energy, Awe & Pain Relief.

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