LCV Students Compete at Skills Canada - BC

LCV students win at Skills Canada BC

Jay Nguyen and Daniel Carrillo Garcia
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April 23, 2019

On April 17th, 2019, students from LaSalle College Vancouver (LCV)’s Culinary school won three medals in the Culinary Arts and Baking categories at the 2019 Skills Canada BC competition.

Jay Nguyen and Daniel Carrillo Garcia (main image), students from our Culinary Arts diploma program, participated in the Culinary Arts category at Skills BC. Each competitor was required to prepare and cook two bouchée platters. As part of the competition they had to write a menu and make it available to the judges within 30 minutes of starting the competition, then prepare, cook, and present their platters within the 3-hour time limit. The competitors were judged on skill level, timing, creativity, presentation, cleanliness, hygiene and ability to work under pressure.

Both Daniel and Jay were able to finish within the time limit and prepared food that was outstanding. Overall the judges were very impressed not only with their food and presentation but also with their overall skill and ability to work well under pressure. Jay Nguyen was awarded the silver medal and Daniel Carrillo Garcia the bronze.

And that wasn't all for LaSalle College Vancouver students! Jill Taylor and Thi Mai Phuong Duong from our Baking & Pastry Arts diploma program participated in the grueling 7-hour Baking competition. There was never a dull moment as crowds gathered to watch the students skillfully and methodically prepare and present five separate items which included a moulded chocolate bar, miniature pastries, choux miniature pastry, glazed bar cakes (mousse style cakes) and a show-stopping chocolate showpiece with integrated bar cake stand. Both Phuong and Jill put on a terrific show with Jill Taylor taking home the bronze medal.


A big congratulations also to participants Evan Charles Anderson from LCV's Graphic Design diploma program, as well as Fashion Design students Eli Jesmani, Charlie Kim, Monica Medina Perez and Nicole Mo. In addition to the students, LCV instructor Chef Timothy Bud was invited to judge the Secondary Baking and Pastry competition as well as Fashion instructor Nargas Khabazha who was invited to judge the Secondary Fashion Technology competition. It was an extremely long day for all with a lot of laughter and quite a few tears.



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