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December 16, 2017

As the fall 2017 quarter comes to an end, the Fashion Design students in the Textile Fundamentals class got to present their final Fabric Manipulation Project this week. Students showcased their designs they have put together using the skills and techniques learned throughout the last ten weeks.

The Textile Fundamentals course in the Fashion Design program explores both natural and manmade fibres, their production uses, and their characteristics and properties. Students learn about yarns, fabrics, fibres, different design possibilities with each fabric, as well as the care, life and handling of each.


Our designer students have been working on their individual projects for several weeks and have put a lot of time and dedication into their final piece. They had the freedom of selecting the fabrics of their choice and at least one textile technique that they discussed during the quarter, as our instructors put a lot of emphasis on exploring creativity. Students’ final projects were evaluated on creativity and initiative as well as use of concepts and techniques learned throughout the course.


Students learned fundamental textile techniques which they will then use during their career, such as textile printing, knitting, textile dyeing, heat transfer, weaving, and performing burn tests. Building the foundation is usually the most difficult part for our students, but once you pull through the grind and develop that strong foundation, the end result is always so rewarding! At the end of these projects, students got to walk home with their own creations, from beautiful pillows to dresses!


Great job class!

Quarter-end Project | Textile Fundamentals class Fall 2017  
Instructor: Julie Berg