LaSalle College Vancouver named Leadership Sponsor at Vancouver Design Week

Vancouver Design Week 2018

April 10, 2018

Vancouver Design week (VDW) is happening all around Vancouver from May 7 - 13, 2018. LaSalle College Vancouver is excited to announce we are one of this year's leadership sponsors.

 VDW is known to be the city’s “official interdisciplinary design festival”. This event gives opportunities to all talented local designers to connect and improve the quality of our everyday lives. VDW’s mission is “to increase awareness of and appreciation for design, design process and the pervasive impact design has on important social and cultural issues; and to create an informed, inclusive (and inspiring!) participatory platform for engaging them.”

If you are interested in volunteering VDW is looking for passionate, energetic individuals with an interest in design and supporting exciting new community initiatives and events. Volunteering will give you a great opportunity to connect with others in the design community.

 If you’re interested go to the Vancouver Design Week website and fill out one of the volunteer forms, or you can email the volunteer coordinator Alison Gray at

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