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Diploma | E-business | Online

The aim of the online e-Business program is to familiarize you with different online practices and business strategies designed to increase the visibility, accessibility and competitiveness of businesses.

The online e-Business program is designed to help you assess problems, analyze results and implement the best practices to ensure that a company can achieve its strategic objectives.

During your training, you will learn how to develop a Web marketing plan, compare models and emerging technologies in the areas of electronic services and e-business, analyse web-based information for strategic planning purposes, and more.

E-business management will no longer hold any secrets from you!


About E-learning

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How does it work ?

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The Project Manager holds the knowledge related to delivery processes as well as the web analytical tools and methods. His wide range of skills allows him to easily work in different multimedia teams and to ensure consistency of choices through different stages of implementing e-Business solutions. With experience, the e-Business professional can access positions such as e-Business strategist or adviser.


This program has been approved by the registrar of the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) of the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills & Training

Software: Adobe CS Suite or CC

Devices: Headphones with integrated microphone.

Term 1

  • The World of e-Business
  • Production Process for Web Projects
  • User Experience
  • Website Development

Term 2

  • e-Business Innovations
  • Interactive Communication and Social Media
  • Web Marketing (Google Adwords)
  • Web Business Intelligence (Google Analytics)

Term 3

  • Internet Marketing Plan
  • Online Rights and Responsibilities
  • e-Business Management Practices
  • Integrating Project

Length of program: 12 months

25 hours / week of self-paced courseware learning, virtual evening classes and individual work

This 690-hour program leads to a Diploma.