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World Civilization II (Early Modern Europe to the Present)

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Online Courses | World Civilization II (Early Modern Europe to the Present)

Early Modern Europe to the Present

This course focuses on the history of western civilization from the period of early modern Europe to the present with a limited overview of North America. They will explore various social, economic, and political developments during the age of religious wars in Europe, the rise of modernism and the development of rationalism and scientific thought, as well as the upheaval of the French and American revolutions. Students will also examine the growing inter-relatedness of Europe with the rest of the world as a result of industrialization, the nation-state, and imperialism, culminating in the 20th century with world wars, the search for an international order, and the creation of the European Union.

Prerequisite: ENG101 Rhetoric & Composition

3 4 per session 11 weeks