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If you want to enrich the world with your talent for creating amazing cuisine—or ambiance—start by experiencing everything from kitchen skills to international flavors. The Culinary school of LaSalle College Vancouver brings a true career perspective into the classroom by using industry connections to add value to its programs. Students are taught by seasoned professionals and expert conferences are also organized regularly so students gain direct exposure to the ever growing culinary world.

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Studying Culinary at LaSalle College Vancouver will allow you walk away at graduation with techniques that not only allow you to shine in any kitchen but also meet the most rigorous industry standards. In addition to receiving holistic classroom and kitchen training, LaSalle College Vancouver students are given numerous opportunities to participate in special events and also practice their culinary skills in the school’s on campus Bistro open to the public.

Programs offered
Culinary Arts Overview

The mission of the Culinary Arts diploma program is to provide an environment for students to become learners possessing the skills, knowledge, creativity, and ethical values necessary to survive and flourish in the rapidly-changing culinary, restaurant and catering professions. Experienced industry professionals aim to impart their knowledge and up-to-date technical acumen to their students, and curriculum relies heavily on actual participation in projects that are practical and technical in scope.


As students progress through the program, they have the opportunity to learn about modern, regional, and classical cuisines and practice making their own culinary creations in our instructional kitchens. Successful completion of the program prepares graduates to seek entry-level jobs such as prep cook, line cook, and first cook.

Program Duration
  • This program consists of 60 credits over 4 quarters.
  • Accreditations

    Baking & Pastry Arts Overview

    Whether it is an insatiable sweet tooth or a love of warm, home-baked bread, all students in the Baking & Pastry Arts program at The International Culinary School at LaSalle College Vancouver share a passion for the pastry and desserts field. The practical training covers the basics of fine dessert and pastry making. Pastry curriculum introduces classic creams, custards, and other fillings, as well as methods for making mousses, tarts, and cakes. Students are also acquainted with creative decorating and plating techniques.


    Studies in nutrition, sanitation and safety, management, and careers in the restaurant business give students the opportunity to obtain a full spectrum of knowledge about the culinary industry as they develop their skills, as baking and pastry technicians. Graduates are prepared to seek entry-level employment in bakeries, restaurants, catering houses, and institutional settings in entry-level positions as assistant bakers and pastry cooks.

    Program Duration
  • This program consists of 60 credits over 4 quarters.
  • Accreditations

    Other programs

    Top professionals in the culinary arts do more than just cook. They manage restaurants, cater special events, offer personal chef services, and more. For many however, the ultimate goal is to own their own restaurant – to create a place that reflects their culinary passions and lets them share their style and personal panache with the world. For these individuals, LaSalle College Vancouver offers the diploma program aiming to prepare graduates for owning or managing culinary businesses.


    • Culinary Arts & Restaurant Ownership
    • Entrepreneurship & Restaurant Ownership
    • Hospitality & Restaurant Business Management
    • Event Management


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