Welcome to LaSalle College Vancouver - HIGH SCHOOL!

Why LaSalle College Vancouver High School?

We take pride in our unique culture. Once you enter the school, you will notice the distinct air of creativity, diversity and fun. Our modern curriculum provides a comprehensive education that fosters self-expression, creativity, critical thinking and a sense of community in an accelerated format.

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Exceptional Educational Experience

As a private high school, we offer the latest technology and expert teachers so that our students will receive an exceptional educational experience that delivers a rock-solid foundation for success in life. As an added benefit, courses are offered year-round, which gives our students an advantage because they have the chance not only to graduate early, but with our university prep program, they will transition into the university or college of their dreams.

For Admissions assistance:

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University Preparation

All students at LaSalle College Vancouver High School will take courses, programs and leadership initiatives to gain a competitive edge into university. Our expert counsellors will guide the way to educational success.

Academic advising: designed to help you pick your courses and identify short- and long-term goals.

Initial support services: a contact will help you navigate the system and get the information you need.

Orientation: guidance and support to make you feel more comfortable and confident at LaSalle College Vancouver High School.

English Advancement Placement

The five-level EAP program will enable students to enhance their English language skills and proceed into the High School academic stream with ease.

Small class sizes, differentiated instruction and continual feedback will allow students to be successful and accomplish their high school graduation goals. Depending on their ability, students may need to spend up to four terms in the EAP program. An entrance exam will determine where students start, and an educational plan will be devised to transition you into the high school with confidence.

Preparation for Academics

This program is offered to all new students entering our academic stream. You will receive hands-on experience, which will cultivate your learning in the major academic courses needed for graduation (Math, Science, English and Socials). All students are encouraged to enter these programs to get their hands wet, develop their leadership skills and learn vocabulary, structures and study skills needed for success

Inspiring Excellence In Education

Our staff-building principals are based on strength, knowledge and ensuring student success.

From our experienced team of counsellors and university preparation department to the in-class educators offering a variety of hands-on, student-based, inquiry learning experiences, you can expect to get the best educational platform.

We are here 24/7 to aid students in their educational journey. From your first interview through to graduation, you will have a personal counsellor to ensure your success in any path you choose.

Message from the principal


Welcome to LaSalle College Vancouver High School! LCV High School is uniquely positioned to offer a world-class Canadian education within a state-of-the-art award-winning design college. Our faculty are driven by the curiosity of our students, and will challenge each learner to think deeply, broadly, and creatively throughout every course. Content rich and inquiry-based instruction will be shaped by the intentional integration of Mathematics, Science and Technology between courses and grade levels. In addition to students earning their British Columbia Dogwood Diploma, many will be invited to explore extraordinary college pathway courses that will serve as dual credit for high school graduation and LaSalle College Vancouver courses.

Our commitment to exploring student potential extends well beyond the classroom, where BC Teachers, college advisors and staff will nurture, guide, and challenge students along their individual journey. While each student is unique, they are not alone and will benefit from extensive collaborative opportunities throughout the college as they build their personal, academic and career portfolios.

LaSalle College Vancouver High School seeks all students who demonstrate the desire and motivation to succeed

Download and complete the application form and submit supporting documents to the Principal in either two ways:

  1. Drop off at the school
    LaSalle College Vancouver High School
    2665 Renfrew St.
    Vancouver, BC
    V5M 0A7
  2. Email all documentation to HighSchoolAdmissions@lasallecollegevancouver.com

Shortlisted candidates will be invited to partake in an interview (phone, Zoom, etc.) to determine eligibility and assess student’s needs. This allows families to see the college and the administration team to meet possible students and ask any questions they may.


If accepted, students will receive an acceptance letter. Students must provide the entrance fee payment and 10% of semester fees to secure their placement.

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