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Mission and Academic Goals

Mission and Academic Goals


LaSalle College Vancouver’s mission is to offer quality creative arts education that is comprehensive, current with labour market needs, and encourages self-actualization within a global context.

The Academic Goals of LaSalle College Vancouver are to:

  1. Cultivate subject-specific expertise, including

    i. Depth and breadth of knowledge

    ii. Mastery of the design process

    iii. Creativity balanced with business acumen

  2. Equip students with liberal education attributes, including

    i. Curiosity, exploration and experimentation

    ii. Critical thinking skills

    iii. Working independently and collaboratively in teams

    iv. Leadership and entrepreneurship

    v. Application and synthesis of knowledge and skills

  3. Build sound social and ethical practices, including

    i. Promoting responsible citizenship and sustainable development

    ii. Considering interconnected local and global concerns in decision making

    iii. Participating in local and global community life

    iv. Pursuing continuous life-long learning. 


LaSalle College Vancouver’s vision is to be one of Canada’s premier providers of professional creative arts education.


LaSalle College Vancouver values quality, initiative, creativity, altruism, commitment and sharing. These values are upheld throughout the entire organization and support the College’s mission.

Global Citizen

  • Sensitivity to cultural, social and economic diversity in the modern world.
  • Concern for sustainable development, respect for the environment, ethics and healthy living.
  • Strong spoken and written communication skills.
  • Development of the skills needed for teamwork, such as self-respect, respect for others, team spirit, open-mindedness and the ability to adapt to any given situation.
  • Openness to professional development opportunities, both local and international.
  • Interest in mobility and the possibilities that it offers.


  • Knowledge of trends and cutting-edge technologies used in the industry.
  • Open-minded learning that enables technological agility.
  • Demonstration of creativity and a reflective approach.
  • Intellectual curiosity and open-mindedness towards continuing education.
  • Ability to be self-taught.


  • Management skills for entrepreneurs.
  • Development of business opportunities in the industry.
  • Working methods that enable professional development.
  • Ability to create networks of industry contacts.
  • Skills to develop a business plan.
  • Demonstration of a mobilizing leadership, of self-reliance, discipline, professionalism and assertiveness.


Care for the quality of work in all that is undertaken must be a leitmotif for all employees. The organization aims for nothing less than excellence in all its operations.


LCI Education believes in the importance of a sense of initiative, in each employee, when it comes to finding solutions to difficult situations that may occur at work. This quality enables employees to take calculated risks in order to achieve their goals.


Being open to change, inspiring innovation and continuously aiming for improvement are fundamental to maintaining a progressive edge. This openness nurtures constructive criticism in the working environment and encourages innovation.

Mutual consideration

Mutual consideration, tolerance and respect for peoples’ individuality and differences underpin an LCI Education – fostering employee motivation and satisfaction. Social and environmental issues are also at the heart of LCI Education’s mission.


LCI Education’s greatest strength resides in both the expertise and sense of belonging of the institution’s staff. Here, they feel supported and fulfilled, understanding its corporate values, adopting its standards and working in harmony with their peers. To an LCI employee, the institution's successes are their successes, its failures theirs to rectify.


The spirit of sharing is the essential LCI Education attribute that empowers the network. The institution’s employees are called upon to share its successes, resources, knowledge and best practices.

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