Jimmy Lam
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Interior Design
Jimmy Lam
Original program: Interior Design

Alumni Information
School: LaSalle College Vancouver & The Art Institute of Pittsburgh
Grad Year: 2007 & 2010
Program of Study: Interior Design
Degree: Diploma (AiV) & Bachelor (AiP)

Employment/Professional Information
Company Name: Northern Capital Wood Products Ltd.
Location: Prince George
Job Title: Interior/Kitchen Designer
Primary Responsibilities: Design, sales, quotations, and general day to day business.

Describe a Typical Work Day:

There really is no typical day at work as each day is different and depends on time of year and projects on the go. Every day is different and so I prepare everyday to expect the unexpected. I am always on my toes to try to assist clients with selections and design spaces that fit their needs. I have found collaborating with other designers to be a truly important aspect of my position so that design outcomes always exceed clients wildest dreams.

What accomplishment(s) are you most proud of?

The accomplishment I feel most proud of is completing my Bachelors of Science in Interior Design. Also being able to go to work every day, but feel like it’s not really work. I think that’s the best kind of work.

What are your creative inspirations or influences? Who are your heroes?

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Le Corbusier, Frank Lloyd Wright, Zaha Hadid, and Tom Dixon are some of my creative inspirations. My heroes are designers all around the world that are always pushing the boundaries of what it means to be a designer.

What do you enjoy the most about your career?

Helping people create great spaces that they truly enjoy while functional and esthetically appealing. I also enjoy helping make clients dreams turn into reality. I like the fact that every day is different. I love the people I work with and the people I get to meet are equally great. I also have developed great friendships through my career with colleagues that will last a lifetime.

How did your education at LaSalle College Vancouver help prepare you for your career?

My education at LaSalle College Vancouver helped me gain my Diploma and in creating a great foundation for my career. I learned all the basics of design that would help me in my career aspirations. I also had the opportunity to learn to use the very tools I would be using to create my designs. The added education where I obstained my Bachelor through The Art Institute of Pittsburgh gave me the analytical knowledge and understanding of business that has only further helped propel my career in a more tactical and business sense. The time spend completing my Bachelors gave me a perspective beyond my designs to include the business case behind it and how my designs translated on a micro and macro scale in the world we live in.

What advice do you have for people beginning their careers in your profession?

Although you know where you want to be in the future how you get there may not be the most direct route. Life and careers are like roller coaster rides. The journey will have really great ebbs and flows and some unexpected twists. Take every opportunity as one to learn and grow and never just take things for face value. All opportunities can translate into bigger and better things down the road or open doors that might not be apparent at that single moment.

Your profession is constantly evolving, from the technology you use to new career opportunities that didn’t exist five years ago. What trends do you see on the horizon that will affect how you do your job or your profession at-large?

Technology will make it easier for clients to visualize projects and keep clients more informed about the services they are being provided. Technological innovation can only help to make designs better in the future. Technology will help to reduce waste. Things such as 3D printing will allow more people to get access to more innovative designs. It will be interesting how the 3D printer will affect the way things are made all over the world. This is especially true with the construction industry.

The integration of technology in spaces we design is the area I see as just beginning to affect the design world. I can see this area growing phenomenally as new innovative technologies come into fruition. Where technology interfaces with the surfaces we touch and feel everyday is where we, as designers, will be crucial to creating a harmonious society.

Interior Design