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Chef Uzi Paz has a dynamic background in both the teaching and culinary industries with academic and industry accomplishments. He holds a MA and BSc in Hospitality & Tourism and has completed his Master Chef de Cuisine Diploma and Hotel Administration Diploma.

In recent years, Chef Paz has been the Food Service Manager and Chef at a resort in Oregon. In 2004, he founded (and still owns) The Institute for Food Service and Safety Management, a food safety and quality control consulting company for international culinary organizations.

Chef Paz gained his industry experience from training and working at Rothchild’s in Lyon, France; America and Le Croissant Shop at the Sheraton Prince de Galles in Paris, and several of New York City’s best gourmet restaurants. Chef Paz’s passion for teaching extends back to his lecturer positions at the Hebrew University; Bournemouth University; Farleigh Dickinson University; Champlain University; Tadmor Hotel School; and Ministry of Tourism. He is enthusiastic to combine his love for food and education together at The International Culinary School at LaSalle College Vancouver.