Priya Kaliandasani
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With a known passion for fashion and beauty, Priya has curated a career that would allow her to work in the fields she loves as a brand marketer and advertiser.

Having completed a Bachelor of Commerce in International Business and Marketing from the University of Alberta, Priya moved to Montréal where she worked in brand and product marketing for L’Oréal before moving to the LVMH group. Both experiences offered on-the-ground opportunities to adapt the marketing plans for internationally renowned brands to the Canadian landscape; whether through product, advertising, retailing, promotional or eventing strategies. Priya then seamlessly transitioned to Rogers Media where she worked as a creative media strategist, before becoming the manager of a team of content creators, responsible for creating and diffusing advertisements for coveted brands over fashion, parenting, news, business and sports outlets.

Deciding to move closer to the ocean, Priya quit her job and drove across the country to Vancouver. Now a budding entrepreneur, she runs her own marketing and advertising company where she continues to create fashion and beauty content on a freelance basis. Whether through digital marketing tactics, including social media, or traditional ones, Priya has a pulse on the industry’s hottest and newest marketing trends.

Priya is a part-time faculty member, having taught on campus at LaSalle College Montréal, LaSalle College Vancouver and online at ilasalle since 2019. She loves the perspectives her students bring to the classroom, as well as their fashion!