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Bachelor | Bachelor of Applied Design in Graphic Design

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LaSalle College Vancouver’s Bachelor of Applied Design in Graphic Design prepares students for a creatively fulfilling and rewarding career as visual storytellers. Students receive hands-on training in a state-of-the-art learning environment with instruction from top graphic designers.

The curriculum explores the increasingly vital relationship between design and sustainable principles. As environmental demands escalate and take centre focus in educational and political discourse, there is a growing need for designers who can provide solutions while creating sustainable, eco-conscious designs. Program graduates will possess knowledge of design and sustainable fundamentals, as well as an understanding of core values, emerging trends and discipline challenges.

Students study their craft in an inspiring classroom setting, where ideas are nurtured and refined. Throughout the degree program, students create a portfolio to showcase their skills and creative aesthetic. The Bachelor of Applied Design in Graphic Design program is perfect for creatives who want to spend their days working on high-impact visual campaigns that resonate.

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New campus opening in 2024

LaSalle College Vancouver will be moving into a new purpose-built education centre that puts technology, active learning, and social engagement at the forefront.

This program consists of 180 credits over 12 quarters.

Our specific objectives are to provide students the following:

  • An opportunity to acquire a Bachelor of Applied Design degree in Graphic Design in a program emphasizing strong theoretical and practical knowledge;
  • A hands-on, learning-centred educational environment that supports and enhances students’ professional and academic development as designers;
  • Access to appropriately credentialed faculty with extensive industry experience;
  • Opportunities to influence and lead design innovations within a dynamic, evolving field.
  • Hands-on learning from instructors who work in the field
  • Access to faculty with extensive industry experience
  • Learn on current industry technology
  • Students build a portfolio of their design work
  • Students have the opportunity to choose studio electives to provide depth and breadth in their areas of interest

Graphic design students refine their technique in a creative learning environment that fosters ingenuity and risk-taking. LaSalle College Vancouver provides practical instruction that students use throughout their professional life. Graduates possess a knowledge of design and sustainable fundamentals, as well as an understanding of core values, emerging trends and discipline challenges.


This Degree is offered under the written consent of the Minister of Advanced Education, Skills & Training.

  • Drawing
  • Fundamentals of Design
  • Colour Theory
  • Digital Imaging
  • Rhetoric & Composition
  • Graphic Stylization and Symbols
  • Digital Illustration
  • Typography
  • Fundamentals of Sustainable Design
  • Academic Writing
  • Concept Development
  • Digital Imaging II
  • Electronic Design
  • Fundamentals of User-Centered Design
  • Advanced Typography
  • Design Thinking
  • Production Procedures
  • Principles of Sustainable Design
  • Design Studio
  • Corporate Identity
  • Web Development
  • Digital Photography
  • Advertising
  • UX/UI Design
  • Sustainable Design Standards
  • Conceptual Illustration
  • Computer Animation for Multimedia
  • Green Campaign
  • Experimental Typography
  • Professional Practices
  • Introduction to Scripting Languages
  • Packaging Design
  • Art Direction
  • Environmental Design
  • Publication Design
  • Advanced Design Studio
  • Information Design
  • Senior Project
  • Advanced Web Development
  • Strong theoretical and practical knowledge with a focus on digital graphic design.
  • To master the basics in areas like colour, illustration, image manipulation and to explore concept development and implementation.
  • First-hand knowledge of product packaging, posters, art direction and branding.
  • To provide solutions in a global and competitive context, as well as acquire an entrepreneurial vision.
  • Preparation and training allowing students to seek employment within the design field.
  • How to influence and lead design innovation within a dynamic, evolving field.
  • Students directly out of high school, or mature students who are ready for a career change or to build on the skills they have.
  • Students who have already completed a certificate or diploma in Graphic Design and wish to further their studies in the field.
  • Creatives with a strong focus on design and an interest in art and technology.

Degree graduates work as graphic designers, graphic producers, digital application designers, multimedia designers, web designers, didactic material designers, and designers for film and TV. Our alumni have taken a range of career paths, ranging from working for large corporations to small companies or freelance work. Magazines, newspapers, advertising agencies, publishing houses, engineering companies, real estate developers, packaging, and web development companies are just a few that require graphic designers.

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