AiV hosts Anime Revolution 2017

February 13, 2017

On February 12 and 13th, The Art Institute of Vancouver was very excited to host this two day long, action packed event - Animate Evolution: Winter 2017 at our Renfrew campus.

Anime Evolution is Vancouver’s bi annual conference that celebrates Anime and Japanese Culture, bringing together Anime fans, artists, photographers and Cosplayers.

It was great to see all the Anime and Cosplay enthusiasts gather here to showcase their alter ego and talent. Our campus was full of energy and creativity!  Here are some of the highlights of the event.

If you are creative and love drawing, don’t forget to check out our Animation Art & Design program. One day you may be able to create your own animation characters for others to cosplay! If you have a heart in creating costumes, take a look at how our Fashion Design program can help you become a costume designer for anime, movies and TV shows.

You are also welcome to join us at our upcoming Open House + Free Creative workshops!