Campus event

LCV organizes onsite Game Jam

October 17, 2017

LaSalle College Vancouver (LCV)’s on-site Game Jam event was held earlier this month right before the beginning of the fall quarter. Game jams are a common practice in the gaming industry in order to render new and fresh game ideas, and they bring together the elements of creativity, experimentation, collaboration, and lots of hard work. Hosting a game jam on-campus allowed our students to participate in a highly relevant, fun and widely practiced method of team-oriented game design.

Led by LCV’s games instructor, Dustin Stevenson, our group of enthusiastic game designers were ready to rock-and-roll. The Game Jam officially kick-started on Friday September 29 at 6:00pm and by Sunday, October 1 at 6:00pm – after 48 hours of tireless jamming – our designers emerged from a sleepless, caffeine-fueled trance to present their final products.

We were so proud to see that all our designers managed to achieve the rare task of completing a functional game in 48 short hours. The judging was definitely not an easy task this time. Our designer champions scored themselves some fun prizes and swag from the local game industry.


Game Design & VFX