Celebrating Our Inspirational Instructor – VFW Industry Originator Award

Celebrating Our Inspirational Instructor – VFW Industry Originator Award

November 20, 2023

LaSalle College Vancouver is thrilled to announce that one of its own, an incredible instructor, Nargas Khabazha has been honored with the prestigious "Industry Originator Award” in the teaching category. The award recognizes key industries that have supported during the years the growth of Markert in Vancouver. This recognition is a testament to the dedication and expertise that our instructors bring to the classroom. The award reflects our commitment to providing an exceptional learner experience for our students. It's not just about imparting knowledge but also about inspiring and shaping the future of fashion. An area LaSalle College Vancouver consistently received great feedback from our graduates is around the quality of our mentorship, and our award-winning instructor embodies this philosophy. At LaSalle College Vancouver we are proud to have contemporary masters in their field, training and inspiring the design leaders of tomorrow.

Nargas' journey embodies resilience and innovation. In 1984, as a new arrival in Canada, she chose Montreal as her home. With no prior experience in the trade, she fearlessly established her own hand-crafted shoe store in downtown Montreal, swiftly becoming a specialist shoemaker for men. Her passion for design led her to enroll in the fashion design program at LaSalle College in Montreal, marking the inception of her extraordinary career.

Relocating to Vancouver shortly after, Nargas continued her pursuit of excellence at Kwantlen Polytechnic College in the fashion program. In 1997, she ventured into her first studio as a pattern maker for her private clothing label, focusing on special sizes for women. Her innovative approach earned her recognition in prominent publications like the Vancouver Sun and North Shore News as a pragmatic designer.

In 2002, Nargas made a significant stride by launching her ready-to-wear collection for the chic, sophisticated baby boomer woman, achieving nationwide acclaim. Subsequently, she established her own studio on West 8th Avenue, crafting and overseeing the production of high-end garments.

With over 35 years of extensive experience in fashion education, Nargas excels as an instructor in pattern drafting, draping, fitting, and textile development. Her commitment to her students shines through in their showcases at the Vancouver Fashion Week since 2008, where they present their designs in a captivating collection.

Beyond her expertise, Nargas is a caring mentor, guiding her students on the successful journey to the runway. Her tenure as an instructor at LaSalle College since 2006 has been marked by her tireless dedication to shaping aspiring designers in pattern drafting, draping, construction, and textiles. Her passion and knowledge continue to inspire and drive the next generation of fashion innovators.

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