LCI Education Pledges Commitment to United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

LCI Education Pledges Commitment to United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

December 1, 2023

At LCI Education our commitment extends far beyond academic excellence. We aim to instill in our students the values and principles that underpin responsible citizenship. Through our alignment with the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we are nurturing a generation of emerging professionals who are not just skilled in their craft but are also dedicated to making a positive impact on the world.

Committed to providing top-tier applied learning environments aligned with evolving labor market needs, as LCI Education we extended our commitment to encompass a profound dedication to promoting ethical responsibilities and sustainable citizenship among our students.

Our approach involves a series of initiatives and activities designed to champion each of the 17 UN SDGs. We extend beyond mere words, with concrete actions that reflect its dedication to creating meaningful change. The Global Academic Committee, under the leadership of our Chief Learning Officer, Dr. Jason Dewling, have taken on the task of ensuring all our curriculum aligns with these goals. All new courses and programs are mapped against the 17 SDGs and all existing curriculum will be mapped during regular updates. Dewling states, “Our organization already had a strong commitment to sustainable practices so adopting the United Nation’s framework completely aligned with our values and approach.” One such example is our commitment to sustainable travel practices.

Each campus throughout our global organization has also taken on activities that support the 17 SDGs. Activities that are responsive to the local environment.

Our employees are the driving force behind our commitment to the SDGs. From educators to administrative staff, they embody the institution's ethos by channeling their expertise and passion toward achieving the UN SDGs.

Join us in the pursuit of a better tomorrow—a future where education serves as a catalyst for positive change and where the principles of sustainability and responsible citizenship are ingrained in every aspect of our society.

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