The Keg Steakhouse and LaSalle College Vancouver – A brand collaboration you can sink your teeth into.

The Keg Steakhouse and LaSalle College Vancouver: A brand collaboration you can sink your teeth into.

March 10, 2023

When we received a call from The Keg Steakhouse and Bar asking if we could work together to host their legendary annual Grill Masters Challenge, we got right to polishing the silverware. Hosting The Keg Steakhouse and Bar in our industrial kitchen and intimate bistro space at LaSalle College Vancouver was such a privilege. Working with their 12 finalists, the 12 top keggers in the country, made it clear that The Keg & LaSalle College Vancouver shares a deep passion for culinary excellence and bringing creativity into the kitchen. This special event, held on May 24th, showcased the culinary prowess of twelve exceptional Keggers from across Canada in a thrilling company-wide battle of the beef (and many other mouthwatering ingredients).

So, what is The Keg, Grill Masters' event all about? In essence, this competition is a celebration of culinary talent and an opportunity for The Keg to recognize the chefs that bring food to life across Canada. Being one of Canada's best brands in the world of restaurant and hospitality, it's not surprising that The Keg was eager to turn the burner on high to create excitement and elevate their back-of-house team. As one of Canada's best private institutions in the world of culinary art, media & design, we were excited at LaSalle College Vancouver to work hand in hand with The Keg to help them do what they do best: elevate a classic and create a memorable experience. We wanted to serve up an unforgettable Keg-caliber experience for everyone involved. For an evening, our kitchens were transformed into a studio set with live streaming that would make Gordon Ramsay curse with delight. We wanted to capture and share the spirit of the culinary competition so that friends and loved ones of the finalists could follow along with the pursuit of ultimate flavor from across Canada and the world. LaSalle College Vancouver's world-class facilities were made available to the competitors, while our distinguished culinary students and alumni, under the expert guidance of Chef Atifa Prinsloo, provided impeccable food and beverage service throughout the event, wowing the esteemed Grill Master judges, Keg family members, and friends in attendance. Put simply, no crumbs were left on the night of May 24th in LaSalle College Vancouver's private bistro.

Our institution's commitment to fostering culinary excellence and innovation shines through this collaboration. We firmly believe that such real-world experiences are crucial in equipping our students with the skills necessary for a thriving culinary career. Our learners come to us looking for the best culinary school in Vancouver, which is why LaSalle College Vancouver strives to bring instructors and partners like The Keg Steakhouse and Bar or Chef Atifa Prinsloo, an instructor for our culinary arts program that has served as a head chef for this event as well as leading culinary teams at top restaurants around the world.

This event proved to be an invaluable opportunity for our Culinary Program students and alumni to connect with industry professionals, further fueling their passion and dedication to the culinary arts. The seamless integration of talent and expertise demonstrated throughout the competition is a testament to the exceptional standards upheld by LaSalle College Vancouver.

As we eagerly anticipate future collaborations with our esteemed culinary partner, The Keg Steakhouse and Bar, we extend our sincere appreciation to all individuals and supporting brands involved for their contributions in making this event a mouthwatering success. While steaks were cooked to a tender medium rare, it’s safe to say that The Keg Grill Masters 2023 was deliciously well-done

For some culinary inspiration of your own or to find out who became The Keg's Grill Master of 2023, discover us on YouTube and stream the event recording here.

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