Vancouver as a Fashion Hub

January 31, 2020

Did you know that fashion brands like Brunette the Label, Hershel Supply Co., Native Shoes, Aritzia, among others, were all founded in Vancouver and remain here despite their global success?

Brunette the Label was founded in Vancouver, BC Canada by Miriam Alden in early 2014. The Headquarters remain here in Vancouver and all of their products are designed locally. "Vancouver has a really big fashion community and I feel so much support here all the time," Alden said in an interview with Global TV.

Herschel Supply Co. was also funded in Vancouver in 2009 by the three Cormack brothers. The brand is now available in over 90 countries and still growing, and Headquarters are still based locally in Vancouver, B.C. One reason for staying in the city, Lyndon Cormack explained in an interview with Global TV, is that "there's so much talent in our office spaces here in Vancouver, all throughout the back office and the front office."

Vancouver is becoming recognized as a global design centre for premium and performance apparel. The apparel industry is fast becoming a provincial leader in job creation and revenue growth, with 600 businesses generating 7,000 jobs in the province and 14,000 jobs globally.

Watch Global News' interview with Brunette the Label and Herschel Supply Co. who discuss why Vancouver is the place to be at.

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