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Diploma in Fashion Marketing - Buyer's Profile | Online

Diploma | Diploma in Fashion Marketing - Buyer's Profile | Online

Become a Fashion Buyer

The buyers are the real power players in fashion. They have their finger on the pulse of the industry, working directly with design houses and retailers to buy clothes and accessories for the consumers. Their influence is so strong that buyers can even determine what is sent down the runway in upcoming seasons.

Being a buyer requires a refined understanding of fashion – both its rich history and, of course, its future. Buyers are acutely aware of what’s next and know how to fill a major retailer or small boutique with clothes that will inspire and motivate their customers.

The Fashion Marketing — Buyer’s Profile online diploma program is geared towards teaching you an exciting profession where you can expose your talent, and even influence future fashion collections! Learn how to develop professional skills in buying, marketing, apparel distribution, fashion trends, targeting and communications. Get ready for the exciting, competitive and multifaceted world of fashion!

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This program has been approved by the registrar of the Private Training Institutions Branch (“PTIB”) of the Ministry of Post-Secondary Education and Future Skills.

Blended e-learning

  • Online learning combining self-study at your own pace (asynchronous) and guided sessions with a live tutor (synchronous)

  • High-quality training with rich media content 
  • Continuous evaluation of your understanding of the subject at hand 
  • A variety of courses available remotely 
  • A combination of virtual classes, self-guided training, and homework for a minimum amount of class hours and a maximum amount of freedom 
  • Virtual evening classes
  • Length of program: 16 months
  • 20 hours/ week of work (includes self-guided training, virtual classes and individual study time)

If you have these qualities or skills, then a career in Fashion Marketing may be for you! 

  • Creativity
  • Aesthetic sensibility
  • Artistic ability
  • Interest in public relations and teamwork
  • Dynamism and initiative
  • Interest in business
  • Strong interest in fashion and everything connected to it
  • Ability to communicate with and convince people

  • Simply Accounting
  • Fibre and textile kit
  • Purchase, sale, promotion and distribution of fashion merchandise
  • Predicting styles & trends
  • Evaluating target clientele needs
  • Managing communication
  • Managing marketing strategie
Semester 1 
  • The History of Fashion
  • The Marketing of Fashion
  • Fashion Occupations
  • Fiber & Textile Analysis
Semester 2

  • Retailing Business Study
  • Accounting in Fashion Marketing
  • Planning a Selection of Clothing and Accessories
  • Creative Software Applications

Semester 3 

  • Choosing a Selection of Clothing and Accessories
  • Budget and Financial Planning
  • Business Communications
  • Business-to-Business Sales

Semester 4 

  • Marketing and Planning Approaches
  • Managing Fashion Merchandise
  • E-Commerce
  • Integration Project
  • A variety of remote courses taught by instructors in the field
  • Access to faculty with extensive jewellery design expertise
  • Virtual classes held in the evening
  • Program consists of 16 months, 20 hours a week of work (includes self-guided training, virtual classes and individual study time)
  • Graduating students receive a Diploma
  • Self-guided training for minimum class hours and maximum freedom

Along with a significant interest in fashion and style, buyers are creative, aesthetically driven and artistic. They are comfortable talking to designers and media as they are analyzing market information. LaSalle College Vancouver’s Fashion Marketing Buyer training shows students how to take calculated risks to thrive in a fashion-focused career.

  • Fashion history and retail skills.
  • To communicate effectively with designers, retail staff and fashion media.
  • The fundamentals of the fashion business, from advertising to consumer behaviour.
  • To develop, analyze and implement proven marketing strategies.
  • Concepts and trends in apparel, merchandise management, textiles and fabrics, advertising and marketing, elements of retail operations, technology and manufacturing.
  • How to develop an exclusive clothing strategy and to choose clothing and accessories for a specific buyer.

Students directly out of high school, or mature students who are ready for a career change or to build on the skills they have.

  • Those with interest in fashion and marketing
  • Enjoys social media and communication
  • Eager to be challenged and inspired
  • Strong sense of style and appreciation for design

Alumni work in purchasing, sales, promotion and distribution of clothing and accessories. Graduates harness the ability to predict trends, evaluate client needs, manage communication and marketing strategies, helping them earn rewarding careers in the ever-evolving field of fashion.