Online fashion instructor creates looks for Guy Laliberté’s PY1 pyramid

E-learning instructor Cristina Guraieb's experience in the entertainment industry

March 4, 2020

Cristina Guraieb, fashion instructor at LaSalle College Vancouver's E-learning School, is dedicating her inventive talent as a costume designer and head stylist to the great PY1 entertainment experience, from the mind behind Cirque du Soleil.

Designed by Guy Laliberté, PY1 is an innovative pyramid-shaped venue dedicated to the presentation of memorable entertainment experiences. It seamlessly integrates art, music and technology. In 2019, the pyramid was based in the Old Port of Montreal, Quebec.

A successful career

Cristina Guraieb, who teaches courses in Fashion Styling and Fashion Marketing e-learning diploma programs, has had success after success in the fashion industry.

A graduate of the prestigious Academia De Artes, she has worked for, among others, Roberto Cavalli in Dubai and Milan and actually works for Rick Owens, which takes her to Paris, New York and Miami.

Today, she manages her image consulting firm, BlancNoire Inc. Her services are used by prestigious clients such as the Met Gala, the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), the Formula 1 World Championship, and Guy Laliberté for the PY1 pyramid.

But the PY1 show has its own set of challenges: “My assistant Mélissa and I designed 167 looks for seven fictitious worlds within 72 hours," Guraieb says. "The tight deadline and the few resources available over such a short period were a major challenge! We created a mood board for each of the seven fantasy worlds, while the design team worked ceaselessly to develop the content.”

We asked the designer a few questions about her experience as an E-Learning instructor.

Q&A with Cristina Guraieb

Why did you choose to teach online classes?

“I am always very involved in my career. I travel a lot for my company, whose headquarters are in Paris. I taught classes when I was on trips to New York, London and Paris for Fashion Week.

I think that being able to share my experience and my knowledge in real time, in addition to the online tutorials provided by LCV's E-learning School, is of great value to students.”

What catchphrase do you use to motivate your students?

“There are three rules to follow to stand out in the fashion industry... But you have to follow my classes to find out what they are!”

How do you ensure that your online courses have a wow factor?

“I devote all my energy to my classes. I like to have my students participate with quizzes or open questions. I share times from my life and my experiences in the industry. I treat my students like I treat my colleagues in the fashion sector.”

What do you like most about the E-learning School?

“The freedom students have to work while learning at their own pace. Having a professional guide them and share their work experience in real time is very beneficial to them.”

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