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May 24, 2018

LaSalle College Vancouver saw yet another vibrant display of graduating students at the Spring 2018 Portfolio Show on the evening of Tuesday, June 19. Sporting roughly 91 graduates, the campus was teeming with proud family members, as well as some very supportive friends and classmates. We also hosted an array of local industry folk looking to make a connection with our graduates and school. 

Delightful canapes, snacks and sparkling beverages were had. Then came the Awards Ceremony, where our highest achievers and brightest minds were honoured with our Outstanding Achievement Award. The night was young when we concluded our show and although the bustling crowds had cleared, there was a resonating air of accomplishment about the campus. That, folks, is a sure sign for staff and faculty to know that we have all contributed to the success of yet another batch of future leaders.

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